These Products Ensure Lifted and Curled Eyelashes. Latest Ranking of Lash Lift and Lamination Kits

Using an eyelash curler along with makeup on a daily basis can take up a lot of time. However, you don’t have to give up your natural lashes to get a break from it. All thanks to lash lift and lamination. How long does lash lamination take, what is a lash lift, and how to perform these treatments at home? The following ranking includes the best kits that will make this possible.

the best lash lifting set

What is a lash lift and lamination? Key info 

Beauty treatments that allow you to transform your eyelashes have been known for a long time. Beauticians have been performing them for many years and they are popular not only among young women. This also applies to eyelash lift and lamination. These treatments were referred to as a lash perm until recently.

Powerfully lifted and curled natural lashes. This is the goal of a lash lift. The beautician uses specially designed products that contain, among other ingredients, keratin. In this way – by dissolving and then creating new keratin bonds – it is possible to change the shape of the hair. What is eyelash lamination? It extends the effects provided by the lash lift.

What do the results of lash lamination include? Nourished and moisturized eyelashes. They also become darker and visually thicker. In addition, the eyelashes are softer and silkier. This improves not only their appearance, but also your comfort. With lashes like that, it is much easier to apply makeup, as products such as mascara last much longer on them.

Lash lift kits – ranking of the most interesting products

The market is currently loaded with interesting lash lamination kits. The ranking highlights some of the best ones that will work perfectly for any woman. The sets included in it stand out in aspects like the price, the quality of the products, the duration of the lamination, or the number of available applications.

Here are a few words about how the best lash lift and lamination kits look and work, allowing you to perform them yourself at home.

1. Nanolash lash lift and lamination kit

nanolash Eyelash lift and lamination kit

10 possible applications and results that last up to 8 weeks. This is what the Lash Lift Kit, a professional lash lamination kit from Nanolash, provides. The brand has been helping women care for their eyelashes for years, offering high-quality makeup and care products. The Lash Lift and Lamination Kit is not an exception. It’s a great set consisting of products with very good formulas and top-quality accessories. In this way, it provides everything you need for lifting and laminating your eyelashes.

Deciding on Nanolash Lash Lift Kit, you get the following products and accessories in one go:

  • 10 sachets of activator,
  • 10 sachets of neutralizer,
  • 10 sachets of keratin booster,
  • lash lift glue
  • 3 pairs of silicone rods (sizes S, M, and L – they can be trimmed),
  • 3 special combs.

The contents of the kit are completely sufficient for up to 10 applications. The effects of using the included products last up to 8 weeks and are possible to achieve thanks to the combination of great nourishing ingredients. The products included in the Lash Lift Kit contain, among others, hydrolyzed keratin, lanolin, arginine, panthenol, silk, as well as many hair beneficial oils. They include olive oil and coconut, grape seed, and Abyssinian oils. The set also comes at a fairly inexpensive price and features an interesting design. The products come in an elegant white box.

2. Elleebana Lash Lift – lash lift starter kit

A professional lash lift kit that enables you to make up to 60 applications? That’s what the Elleebana brand offers. However, it is an excellent option for professional beauticians in particular. The kit includes 15 pairs of sachets of activator and neutralizer.

With proper use, each of them allows you to perform up to 4 laminations (making a total of 60), provided they are carried out in a short interval. Used at home, the set is usually sufficient for about 15 applications. Excess products in open sachets cannot be stored for several weeks, which is how long the results of the lamination last.

The effects of applying the set include strongly curled eyelashes, regardless of the lash length. The kit includes products to improve their shape, glue, foam remover, as well as quite a few useful accessories. The manufacturer also included a metal applicator, a brush, as well as silicone rods.You also get an instruction manual with pictures. Thanks to this, no woman will have problems with applying the lifting products correctly. It should be added that this kit is relatively expensive and is certainly not the best choice for someone who is just starting out with lash lamination.

3. RefectoCil Eyelash Lift

Lash lamination in less than a quarter of an hour? That’s one of the distinguishing features of the Eyelash Lift kit from the RefectoCil brand. The manufacturer has made sure that the lash lift can be performed in record time by developing a special formula for its products. The lashperm and neutralizer formulas containing collagen and cysteine, enable the key steps of the entire treatment to be completed in just 13 minutes. This time does not include prepping for the lamination.

However, short time does not mean inferior results. The set enables eyelash lift and lamination, which results in curled and lifted eyelashes for many weeks. For this purpose, special formulas are used, as well as accessories included in the set. It is worth highlighting two cosmetic brushes, two mini bowls, as well as an eyelash lifter. The kit comes in a makeup bag, which makes storage much easier.

4. Fleeky Lashlift Kit

Low price, nice packaging, and a generous accessory kit. Fleeky Lashlift Kit is also a great gift option for a woman interested in caring for her natural eyelashes or as a start of an adventure with the lash lift and lamination. This kit consists of the products needed to perform a lash lift, two pairs of silicone rods ( S and M sizes), glue, two eyelash brushes, two combs, and four picks for applying the various products.

The effect of lash lift and lamination with this kit last up to six weeks. The downside of the kit? It can be disappointing in terms of the number of possible applications. With the Fleeky set, the lash lift and lamination can be performed 2 to 4 times. For those interested in this brand, a more expensive and larger version is also available, which enables 5 to 10 laminations.

5. Thuya eyelash lift kit

Strongly lifted eyelashes for up to 8 weeks, plus perfectly maintained eyebrows? The lash lift kit from the Thuya brand provides this. Here, the manufacturer has ensured a multi-purpose set. It can be used on both eyebrows and eyelashes, and each product comes in a 15 milliliter container. Thus, you can perform dozens of applications with its help. 

The set allows you to achieve lifted and curled, as well as darker and visually thicker eyelashes. To achieve this, all you need to do is apply each of the formulas in the correct order. The accessories included in the set will also help in performing the lamination. They include one pair of silicone rods in M size and a wooden pick.

Most of the accessories will also be useful for laminating eyebrows. Therefore, this is a set for a woman who likes to care for herself comprehensively, but prefers not to buy too many products.

Lash lift and lamination step by step – how to perform them quickly at home?

Once you get the kit designed for lifting and laminating eyelashes, it’s time to use it properly. Fortunately, this treatment is not that difficult and does not require special skills. However, it should be remembered that not every woman is predisposed to it. A steady hand and a little patience are required to make sure that lash lamination meets your expectations.

It is best to start by unpacking all the products included in the kit. In this way, you can avoid unnecessary searching for products or accessories during the lamination itself. In addition to those in the kit, two more products will be useful. Namely – a shampoo designed for lashes and brows, as well as an oil-free makeup remover. They will be necessary at the very beginning.

Eyelash lift and lamination must begin with cleaning the eyelashes and eyebrows thoroughly. Shampoo and makeup remover will effectively remove any leftover makeup or care products from the lashes. Once they are clean, it’s time to reach for to the silicone rods included in almost every kit designed for lifting and laminating eyelashes. They can be trimmed if necessary, and then applied carefully to the eyelids.

Rods in place? It’s time to gently coat them with glue. Then you need to comb the lashes onto the silicone rods. When doing so, do not forget to separate each lash gently. Now it’s time to apply the products. The kit for at-home eyelash lamination, as a rule, contains two to three different products, not counting the glue. It is always necessary to apply them in the correct order.

The activator is the first to be applied to the eyelashes. The exact name may depend on the manufacturer. However, the purpose of this product is usually similar. Its aim is to dissolve keratin bonds and open the hair cuticle. The product must be applied according to the manufacturer’s instructions and gently removed after a certain period of time. The same is repeated for subsequent formulas.

After using all the products included in a particular lash lamination kit for home use, you just need to remove the silicone rods from the eyelids. In addition, the lashes can be gently combed with a brush designed for this purpose. This way they will be lifted, curled, as well as more silky and nourished.

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