The oily skin care

Oily skin is way more troublesome than others. We usually deal with it during puberty when there is an oversecretion of the sebum by the skin. It is the skin type characteristic for the adolescence when there are many hormonal changes and sebaceous glands produce excess amounts of the sebum. Then the skin is more oily than others.

The oily skin is way thicker than the dry skin. It often shines which looks unaesthetically. What is more, on the face, cleavage, and back there can appear many blackheads so you should take particular care of those areas as well. Pimples and blackheads tend to appear mostly on the forehead and nose.

Why do you have oily skin?

It is probably caused by the excessive activity of sebaceous glands. It happens when hormones stimulate glands to work in order to regulate the maturation process. It can also occur for adults and it also happens due to hormonal changes. It usually is due to too high concentration of progesterone.

Prolonged stress, genes, lowered cholesterol, problems with the digestive system are the cause for skin becoming oily. Smoking cigarettes, incorrect diet, or skincare can also contribute to the problem.

How to take care of oily skin?

The skincare for oily skin is extremely important and usually requires dermatological treatment. Popping the pimples can be the cause for inflammation so more are created in the place and in large groups. You will need professional help because it is easy for oily skin to evolve into acne skin.

Use cosmetics that regulate sebum secretion. It is best when those have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. Too much of the sebum clogs pores and that triggers acne, blackheads, pimples, lumps, and many others.

Pay attention to the make-up removal. Face cleanse is especially important because sebum and other pollution is gathering on its surface during the day. At night excess sebum covers the face so you should not forget about the morning skin cleanse.

Choose face toner with slightly exfoliating action because it can cleanse pores and make them less visible. For the daily use choose moisturizing creams with mattifying properties. However, the most important is that those should make imperfections less visible and prevent them from flare-up. As a night cream, choose a cream with nourishing, soothing and slightly exfoliating action.

At-home methods for oily skin

You do not have to be cursed with oily skin. You just need to use the ingredients that you can find at your house or in every supermarket.

Prepare thick paste with lemon and honey. Those are two great ingredients for the skin because they have cleansing action but also eliminate hyperpigmentations.

Perform face massage in a circular motion with the use of olive oil. Just 5 minutes is all you need. Then place a towel soak with warm water on the face because the steam is able to unclog the pores and deeply cleanse them.

Prepare a paste with cucumber and tomato. Apply it to the face and leave for 15 minutes then rinse down. The best effects are achieved when using it 2-3 times a week.

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