How to Use a Lash Curler to Avoid Eyelash Damage?

You can make the most of a mascara if you use a lash curler. This mysterious tool has lots of pros and cons. How to use a curler to avoid eyelash damage? Check out my simple hacks!


A curler largely enhances the eyelashes but few women know how to use it properly during an everyday makeup. The right usage of this accessory is a guarantee of beautifully defined and curled lashes which look fuller. Ideally lifted, eyelashes attract the eye and look better with an extension and volume mascara. Benefits only?


You must know that using a curler wrongly may leave your lashes wrecked. Before going for this tool, devote a moment to learning some must-know rules. Otherwise, a seemingly innocent and harmless curler may break, deform or weaken your eyelashes. Used too often and in a wrong way, it may disturb lash growth and trigger breakage in the long run.

To be honest, giving up on a curler is the best way to protect your lashes. You can also try good lash enhancing serums which provide eyelashes with full care and support. The best growth serums, rich in natural and extracts and growth-boosting substances, bring eyelash extension, elasticity, volume and regeneration. As a result, lashes aren’t so prone to damage and breakage. It’s easier to define them with a curler.

If you want to save your lashes, find out how to use a curler step by step. Details matter a lot because lashes are very delicate. Here are a few simple tricks that make the use of a lash curler easy and effortless.

How to use a lash curler?

Always use it when your lashes are clean and mascara-free to avoid clumps. Before the use, you can heat the curler up with a dryer for a better hold or use an electric curler which makes the routine easier. Gently press the curler as close to the lash roots as possible. If you press it somewhere in the middle, the curl will be strange so put your mind to it. Be careful not to pinch the skin. No worries, you’ll get the hang of it after a few uses. Anything else? You must keep the curler on lashes for about 30 seconds to give them the right shape and good hold.

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