Skin moisturization – How to do it the right way?

Skin moisturization is the easiest and the best treatment that you can provide your skin with. And you do not have to make a visit at a beauty parlour since you can do it at home. Thanks to maintaining skin hydration at a high level, your face will become smoother, younger, healthier and prettier. How to moisturize face skin properly? Learn a few rules that help you keep youthful look for much longer.

dryskinWhat are the positive sides of skin moisturization?

First of all, young appearance. By supplying a human body with the appropriate amount of water, not only by drinking it but also from outside, you extend the lifespan of epidermis cells, expedite their working as well as increase the level of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. As a result, skin becomes more tautened, smooth and firm, wrinkles are refined, all discolourations become highlighted and the dark circles around eyes simply disappear. Secondly, protection. When face skin is properly moisturized in the winter, then it becomes protected from freezing cold and low temperatures. As a consequence, you are on the run from skin drying-out, broken capillaries and chopped lips. Thirdly, care. Moisturizing cosmetics can be applied as a kind of a make-up base or use as the last step of evening skin care routine, especially when an exfoliation treatment done or a face mask applied.

Skin moisturization – rules

How does a moisturizing cream work? The cosmetic holds water in skin and leaves on its surface a protecting layer which thickness varies accordingly to a cream consistency. As a consequence, all discomforts in a form of keratinisation, skin drying-out or contraction sensation are eliminated. What is more, a moisturizing cream caulks skin epidermis cells and protects from water and elasticity loss.

No surprisingly, each skin type requires hydration. Obviously, dry and sensitive skin types are the ones which need moisturization at most. Furthermore, skin hydration is necessary for people who take antibiotics as a compliment of their anti-acne treatment. However, it is important to pick the moisturizing cream that matches your face skin needs. Basically, it is enough to moisturize face skin twice a day.

What are the causes of skin drying-out? The most common reason of deteriorating skin condition is spending time in air conditioned spaces. Moreover, similar unwanted effects are caused by improper skin care, lack of vitamins and no application of sunscreens.

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