Sumptuous enzyme scrub – Gold scrub Natural Action Exfoliator from Yves Saint Laurent

2What is an enzyme scrub?

In general, scrubs’ aim is to exfoliate dead cells from epidermis, smooth face skin, eliminate impurities ans sebum gathered in clogged skin pores. To accomplish this mission, many producers of cosmetics designed several types of scrubs, like for example, microdermabrasion, herbal exfoliation, peel-of, brushing, grain scrub and enzyme scrub to name just a few. Certainly, likewise other cosmetics, one should select a scrub accordingly to ones skin type and its needs. Additionally, face skin which is cleansed out of sebum and other impurities (for example, dust) is enabled to absorb care cosmetics in a greater degree.

How does enzyme scrub work?

Basically, the exfoliation of epidermis is possible due to plant enzymes included into the product. What is more, enzyme scrub is recommended for people having sensitive skin since this kind of cosmetic does not include any abrasive flecks which could harm or irritate already damaged or dry skin. As soon as the beautifying treatment is finished, complexion becomes smooth, brighter, tender and nourished. The great advantage of enzyme scrubs is its gentle working, these do not cause irritation, redness of skin or other kinds or rush.

3Enzyme scrub Natural Action Exfoliator from Yves Saint Laurent

The cosmetic from Yves Saint Laurent does not include any abrasive flecks, thanks to which people having sensitive, dry or thread-vein skin can freely take advantage of the product. What is more, Peeling Natural Action Exfoliator comprises of sugars and oils. In contact with water and skin, the cosmetic transforms into light oil, and after that, into emulsion. In that manner, all impurities and dead cells blocking skin pores are removed from complexion surface. As a result, skin ton becomes smoother, more radiant, refreshed and cleansed. After exfoliating treatment, the lipid barrier stays stronger and face skin turns into being more moisturized and soft.

Finally, enzyme scrub Natural Action Exfoliator is of gold colour, and contains sparkling flecks. Due to cream-like consistency, the product is easy to apply and does not cause problems while rinsing. Single bottle of Yves Saint Laurent’s cosmetic contains 75 ml of the products.

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