RANKING Of The Best Kit For DIY Brow Lamination

What is eyebrow lamination? It’s a currently fashionable procedure that allows you to arrange and fix the hairs on your eyebrow arch for weeks. Specially refined preparations change their structure. This gives your eyebrows the shape you gave them all the time. It is super trendy to comb them so that they are all evenly upward. Such eyebrow styling is very elegant and neat. Did you know that with modern kits you can do DIY eyebrow lamination yourself? Our ranking picks out the best home eyebrow lamination kits on the market. Check it out!

DIY brow lamination kit – you don’t need pricey appointments at beauty salons at all!

The times have come when we perform many beauty treatments by ourselves. Nowadays, performing DIY brow lamination at home has become a reality! How to perform it? It can actually be very easy and fast. Of course, a lot depends on the brow lamination kit you choose, so don’t make this decision hastily. We hope that our ranking will help you with this choice! It’s worth knowing that the differences in the use and performance of different lamination kits are really big! If you bet on a good kit for a DIY brow lift, you will be surprised how easy and convenient you can style your eyebrows! With a good kit, the whole process should also take a little time, so your DIY brow lamination at home will take a maximum of 20 minutes!

A good brow lamination kit, what should it feature?

How can you recognize the best brow lamination kit? The following product ranking considered all the criteria that should characterize a good brow lamination kit for home use. These include:

  • product reviews, user ratings
  • performance – how many brow laminations can you perform with a particular kit?
  • price – is this brow lift kit worth the price?
  • ease of use – will you be able to easily perform your brow lamination at home?
  • effects – how do your eyebrows look after DIY lamination and do the effects last long?
  • safety – are the eyebrow-laminating products well-thought-out and do they not cause irritation or allergic reactions?

RANKING of the best kits for home brow lamination

How to choose a good home brow lamination kit? We hope that the following ranking can bring the answer to the question of what is the best kit for DIY eyebrow lamination. Choose it from the most popular and eagerly recommended products. They certainly stand out the most and meet all the criteria that make a good eyebrow lamination kit for home use.

PLACE 1. Nanobrow Lamination Kit


Unquestionably one of the best kits for DIY brow lamination at home. The kit is beautifully released, elegant, and refined, and contains everything you need to lift your brows at home. Its price is very attractive considering its efficiency and quality of products. The bottles with hygienic pump dispensers provide a way for perfect lamination that goes on smoothly and quickly. The kit contains only 3 products to ensure the whole process is not too difficult or complicated, and the whole lamination takes about a quarter of an hour.  The Nanobrow brow lamination kit also includes a set of applicators to ensure your DIY lamination goes professionally! 


This is a highly rated and eagerly recommended home brow lamination kit that has managed to win the hearts of many women worldwide. It is proven and very comfortable to use! You should also know it is also very efficient, and the effects last for 6 weeks on the eyebrows, although some enthusiasts of DIY brow lamination claim that the effects lasted as long as 2 months on their eyebrows! In our opinion, even a month and a half already is really many weeks of beautiful, elegant and neat eyebrows.

PLACE 2. Sassy Saints Brow Lamination Kit


A designer home brow lamination kit that is sure to work well at home. Lovely packaging and fun instructions: all the information on how to use the kit are issued in the form of a newspaper. The kit is safe to use and will work on many brow types. The brow lamination process itself unfortunately takes quite a long time. 


This is a fairly popular and relatively often recommended kit for DIY brow lamination. It gives pretty good results, and the interesting design makes it a beauty product loved by influencers. But is this social media popularity enough to make it the number 1 popular kit for eyebrow lamination at home? Its price is unfortunately very high, and the effects last a little shorter, from 4 to 6 weeks.

PLACE 3. Elevate The Beauty Eyebrow and Lash Lamination Kit


This lamination kit is quite often reviewed, but its recommendations concern more laminating lashes than eyebrows (the kit was created for both treatments). If you’re only interested in at-home brow lamination, you’ll have to consider that half of the products in this kit will simply be of no use to you, unless you order it with a friend who would like to try a DIY lash lift. The product doesn’t cost a lot but it’s also not the cheapest in this ranking. The effects of a single home brow lamination last about 5 weeks.


This brow lift kit was created more with beauty salons in mind: the rather vague instructions and a large number of products suggest the kit is a good choice for ladies who wish to do both lash and brow lift at the same time. A beauty salon will certainly use all the products in the kit sooner or later, but it is different during brow lamination at home. Knowing this, the kit may not be suitable for you, even though the reviews of this lamination kit are quite favorable. 

PLACE 4. ICONSIGN Brow Lamination Kit


Our ranking of the best brow lamination kits also includes this product, as it is quite often mentioned as a kit for home brow lamination. It has gained popularity and favorable reviews due to its easy application. The instructions are not intricate, although the treatment itself unfortunately takes quite a long time. The kit is enough for about 8 treatments, and the effects last about 4-5 weeks.


This is a pretty cheap brow lamination kit. Inside, you’ll find a special perming product that gives a strong hold, as well as a post-lamination conditioner, glue, and brushes – basically everything you need for brow lamination at home. Users aren’t happy with the fact that the effects last long enough and the kit is not as efficient as others; however, at this price, there is nothing to complain about. Another downside is the screw-on bottles, which dispense too much product. The solutions are easy to spill during the treatment.

Place 5. Thuya Eyebrow Lamination Kit


This is one of the most popular brow lamination kits. That’s why it made it to our ranking; but, unfortunately, to warn those inexperienced and unfamiliar with a brow lamination at home: the kit is, of course, excellent and works great, but it is completely unsuitable for inexperienced people who have never done brow lamination before or have no knowledge of the subject. This is a kit for professionals, dedicated exclusively to beauty salons. Besides, its price disqualifies it as a product we should choose for DIY brow lamination at home.


Professionals rate it highly but it is worth mentioning that the Nanobrow kit from the first place in our ranking gets similar reviews among professional beauticians. Unfortunately, beginners claim that the Thuya kit is quite difficult to use at home. The instructions are complicated and the process is time-consuming.

How to perform DIY brow lamination by yourself?

We already mentioned at the beginning that if you have a good brow lamination kit on hand, the treatment can be easy, simple and fun. If you would like to know before buying a kit how to perform brow lamination at home, we have some tips for you. Check out the guide below to learn how to perform DIY brow lamination by yourself:

  1. Prep your eyebrows: get yourself a makeup remover. Clean your brows with an oil-free product like micellar water, and make sure your eyebrows are clean and dry.
  2. Reach for a brow lamination kit; your at-home brow lift should include all the necessary accessories and products to enable you to perform DIY brow lamination by yourself. Paradoxically, it turns out that a good brow lamination kit doesn’t have to contain tons of bottles and products at all.
  3. Follow the instructions. Remember that the way of using the products can vary a lot from kit to kit, as can the duration of waiting time for the solutions to work. Try to read the instructions carefully and do not mix up the solutions. Ideally, if they should be numbered, then everything will go as expected.
  4. Wipe off the laminating products and, if necessary, apply some oil or a special nourishing brow cream.


DIY brow lamination doesn’t have to be difficult, but it certainly requires patience, precision, and following instructions. Some are designed for professionals, while others come with rather complicated instructions and the process of brow lamination at home can be quite tiring. The right kit can certainly make your task easier, and we hope that our ranking of the most popular brow lamination kits has made your decision easier!