Cleansed skin due to Lancome. Make up removal lotion Galatee Confort

Lancome cosmetic brand has created moisturizing and soothing lotion destined for make up removal, named Galatee Confort. The cosmetic is locked in a while package of 200 ml and 400 ml capacity. In general, this product is destined for dry skin.

galateTypically, this kind of cosmetics are of double working – cleansing and nourishing face skin. Lotion from Lancome – Galatee Confort, removes not only make up but also all impurities amassed on face skin during a day. Furthermore, the product relieves irritations. What is more, this make up remover leaves skin relaxed, smooth and soft when touched. Additionally, Galatee Confort comprises of honey, almond extract, crops and yeast which regenerate and nourish face skin. Generally speaking, Lancome’s product is to be used on the daily basis, equally in the morning to refresh skin, as well as in the evening to enable oneself with perfect make up removal and epidermis regeneration. While talking about the application, Galatee Confort should be put on face skin by means of fingers. The application should start from forehead, chin and nose, to be ended on neck, temples and cheeks. The excess of cosmetic can be removed with paper towel.

Why one should use make up removal lotion? Must be remembered, face skin cleansing process is extremely crucial because while removing make up or other skin impurities, complexion starts breathing and functioning normally. All make up residues, sebum, dead skin cells along with dust staying and blocking skin pores result in acne, irritations, blackheads and seborrhea formation. With this in mind, one should cleanse face skin twice a day, in the morning with a refreshing tonic and in the morning with a make up removal lotion. What is more, twice a week, one should remember to perform peeling beautifying treatment, so in other words, implement thoroughly dermis exfoliation.

confLancome also offers the usage of soothing and moisturizing tonic destined for dry skin – Tonique Confort. Similarly to Galatee Confort, Tonique Confirt has the same composition, and as a result, one can combine those products and apply as one set of beautifying cosmetics. The tonic is to be applied with a cotton pad. This cleansing process should be started from the middle parts of face, moving forward towards its outer parts.

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