Radio Frequency Wave Lift – face and body beautifying treatment

Radio frequency wave lift is a treatment connected with aesthetic medicine branch. It is known for improving the appearance and condition of skin. What are the basics of the treatment? To make a long story short, a special device, able to transmit radio waves, is equipped with a sort of electrodes that carry radio frequency deep into skin layers. This, in turn, leads to warmth production in skin tissues along with collagen production. This process results in general firmness condition improvement and face and body skin smoothing. What is more, radio frequency waves reduce cellulite and stretch marks, boost blood circulation and cell renewal processes as well as highlight discolourations. Additionally, this treatment shallows wrinkles especially these located on forehead, around eyes, nose and lips. Furthermore, the shape of face become improved since cheek skin is tautened and the dropping eyelids and under-eye bags are significantly reduced.

The first effects are visible after three up to five weeks since the therapy. When it comes to the final outcomes, these are achieved between two and six months. Basically, radio frequency wave lift treatment is recommended for people having mature skin (30-55 years old.) The contraindications concerning the treatment are: pregnancy, artificial pacemaker, golden thread lift, cancer and implants. As soon as one turns 35, it is suggested to have four treatments performed. After that, it is advisable to wait four months in order to undergo treatments that support the achieved effects. And these, in turn, should be performed every three months. One treatment of radio frequency wave face lift lasts between 30 and 60 minutes, whereas, radio frequency wave body lift therapy lasts from 30 up to 120 minutes. Naturally, the total length of the treatment depends on the body surface a person would like to improve. When it comes to face lift, one has to undergo six up to eight treatments every seven or ten days. Body lift consists of eight up to twelve sessions performed every three up to six days.

Another key point, a specialist performing radio frequency wave lift uses a special device equipped with a heating-cooling head. The head is characterized with replaceable inserts that are adjusted in shape to particular body parts. Additionally, the temperature is computer controlled and accommodated to face and body parts treated by the radio waves. On the positive side, the treatment is completely painless and highly effective. The outcomes hold even up to two years.

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