Kanebo Blotting Papers from Sensai: Face Fresh Paper from Silky Purifying series – do you know how to use it?

Oil-control blotting paper is quite new cosmetic invention. What is its purpose? This cosmetic accessory is created to enable us flawless make up performance, as well as to refresh our face skin. But, do you know how to take advantage of this useful pieces of paper?

Face Fresh PaperSensai Oil-Control Blotting Paper (Papiers Matifiants) – a few valuable information

Let us start from the beginning. What is the purpose of oil-control blotting paper? As you can predict, this cosmetic accessory removes the excess of sebum and eliminates skin gloss. Obviously, oil-control blotting paper should be adjusted to this kind of beauty treatment. Nevertheless, Face Fresh Paper does not have powdery-like layer, so the kind of a layer, which would enable us with the complete sebum collection. On one side, these are slippy and smooth, the reverse side, in turn, reminds an ordinary sheet of paper. The size of a single blotting paper is 3,94 x 2,78 inch. Moreover, the blotting paper of Kanbeo cosmetic brand does not produce a matt layer on face skin, however, it is good at sebum absorption. In fact, this can be added to the pluses of this cosmetic accessory since it does not change the final results of applied make up. The colour an texture stays untouched. To make face skin matte, suffice to use just one piece of blotting paper, although, it is necessary to use the both sides of it. People having oily complexion or tent to use thick and dense cosmetics, have to use at least two pieces of blotting paper. One package comprises of 100 pieces of Kanebo blotting paper. These are going to last approximately for two months. The cost of Face Fresh Paper is around £10, so this is quite reasonable price for this kind of innovative, beauty accessory.

How to use Silky Purifying blotting paper?

If you have oily or combination skin, and your face tends to gloss and produce the excess amount of sebum, blotting paper can be useful. Put the blotting paper on your skin and push it a little bit. Repeat this activity till your skin stops shining. Next, apply a transparent powder to make the make up holds better and matte the complexion.

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