Make-Up Base and Skin Type – How to find the best cosmetic?

Definitely, a make-up base should be perceived as a must have of every woman who values good and smart look of her face. Why is this cosmetic so essential? Because a high quality make-up base can perform miracles. This product can provide nice look to face skin, helps all make-up layers hold better and longer as well as makes the applied-on-face cosmetics more durable.

For skin that is prone to imperfections formation, such as acne or blackheads, the best make-up base will be the one, which main ingredient is silicon. This kind of product will improve look of complexion, hide all skin imperfections, camouflage scars and even skin tone. What is more, this cosmetic has got fairly characteristic consistency since it resembles tensile gel, not so flexible during application. When it comes to dry and irritated skin, it requires a cream-like make-up base. Additionally, it is advisable to soothe this type of skin with a moisturizing cream first. Obviously, it is suggested to introduce a break between those two products application in order to let the cosmetics get absorbed into epidermis freely. Another skin type, the mature one, will be glad if treated with a mineral make-up base. On the other hand, dull skin needs a highlighting make-up base. The last skin type to mention, oily and combination one, requires a matte make-up base. It is advisable to apply the product on the surfaces that get greasy at most, to clarify so-called T-zone, as well as face parts covered with acne marks. Basically, a make-up colour base is recommended for women having couperose skin or the one covered with discolourations. The cosmetic is believed to even skin tone and camouflage the skin imperfections.

How to apply a make-up base? First and foremost, a make-up base has to be applied before any other colour cosmetic is put on (for example, before a make-up foundation, a powder or a blusher.) In order to distribute the product well, it should be applied using either a flat make-up brush or fingertips. However, the manner of application varies accordingly to product’s consistency. As mentioned before, it is a good idea to apply a moisturizing cream beforehand, however, you have to be careful in terms of the quantity of the cream applied. Last but not least, before you start applying make-up, wait a while until a make-up base gets absorbed completely.

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