How to get pretty hair? 4 hints to apply

You say ‘beautiful hair’ and then, think that you will never be the owner of one? You cannot be further from the truth! Learn several easy-to-follow hints that will simplify not only hair styling but also taking care of it.

hair2Hint No. 1 – How to Wash Hair and Scalp?

The truth is, you have to choose the shampoo matching not only the type of your scalp but also hair. Yes, this is quite a challenge, nevertheless, the moment you manage to do it, you will be able to take care of your hair professionally. The same issue concerns hair conditioners. The hair conditioners of dense and heavy consistency, that require rinsing, might be troublesome. Frequently, this care routine is performed wrongly since the cosmetic is not rinsed completely. As a result, the residues of the conditioner clump hair and load it in such a way, that successful hair stylizing is almost impossible to perform. Additionally, dandruff is yet another problem to face in order to obtain beautiful hair.

Hint No. 2 – Dry Shampoo

A dry shampoo is definitely one of the greatest inventions in the world of cosmetology. To its advantages, we can enumerate: prolonging the durability of hairstyle, absorbing excess of sebum produced by the scalp and enabling to preserve cleanliness of hair for longer. Apply the dry shampoo on the hair base, massage it gently into scalp and comb the hair thoroughly. However, remember do to not overuse the product too often since this is the cosmetic for special tasks only. Apply it in emergencies only.

Hint No. 3 – How to Tie Hair?

Do you like barrettes and all the different hair accessories? Do you wonder what to do in order to keep your hairstyle fixed as you go out? Before you get your hair together by a hair buckle, tie it with a thick elastic band. The streaks of hair will hold better and will not hang loose. Your hairstyle will simply be prettier.

Hint No. 4 – Overnight Wavy Hair

You do not have time for curling the hair but you crave for wavy look? Try to do fishtail braid at bedtime, or twist hair in various directions and then go to sleep. Obviously, you can support the hair with hair pins. In the morning, let the hair loose to obtain your wavy hair style. It is also advisable to fix these with a hair spray and apply a gloss oil.

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