Highlighting concealer from Astor: Skin Match Twist Concealer Pen

A concealer – the cosmetic completing women’s make up. We use it when there is a necessity to hide and cover all unwanted skin imperfections like, for example, dark circles under eyes or acne and solar marks. This cosmetic is also applied when one would like to brighten the particular face parts. For the mentioned tasks Astor Skin Match Twist Concealer Pen was carefully and specifically designed.

1Astor cosmetic brand created a concealer, due to which, we are going to perform flawless and absolute make up. First of all, the cosmetic can be applied instead of a make up foundation. Natural look lovers will be delighted and amazed with this make up solution. Secondly, Skin Match Twist Concealer Pen mixes ideally with every skin tone, provides delicate make up finish and, what is of great importance, it does not create a mask-like effect. Thirdly, Astor’s concealer has got slightly watery consistency. Thanks to this kind of formula, it is effortless to quickly, thoroughly and evenly spread the cosmetic over one’s face. Furthermore, as mentioned before, the application is banal. All you have to do, is just put the concealer on the face skin and pat it into the skin with your finger tips. Skin Match Twist Concealer Pen can be also spread with a make up brush as well. What is more, due to special pigments included into Skin Match Twist Concealer Pen composition, face skin obtains radiant, healthy and gleaming look. Certainly, Astor’s cosmetic enables us to cover dark circles under eyes and swellings of this area, as well as, wrinkles and pigmentation marks. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that using fairly bright shades of the concealer brings the unwanted effects, such as making bags under eyes and wrinkles optically bigger. Another considerable advantage of Skin Match Twist Concealer Pen from Astor it, it enables us to shape our face. Suffice just to pick two contrasting shades and apply these on the appropriate face parts. The darker shade should be applied on those face parts that one wants to hide, and the bright shade, on the parts one would like to expose.

2Skin Match Twist Concealer Pen from Astor was designed in such a way, to facilitate fast and effortless make up application. The product is in a form of a marker, which means that is easy to handle and fits securely in one’s hand. That is why, the form of the concealer resembles drawing a picture on a paper with crayons, but obviously, with the Astor’s concealer we are painting ‘a picture’ on our face. The concealer’s ending is hidden under a transparent cap. Additionally, wanting to eject the ending of the concealer, one has to twist the lower part of the package. Fairly important is that Skin Match Twist Concealer dries promptly, therefore, after each and every application, it is advisable to wipe the residues of the product from the ending. Finally, Astor’s cosmetic is available in three different shades: Ivory, Sand and Honey. Certainly, each of these matches different skin type.

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