Cosmetic tidy-out. How and where store your beauty products

Do your cosmetics occupy too much space? Are these located in a bathroom and on your dressing table? Do you tend to stuff your shelves with all the colour cosmetics? Has it ever happened that you were out of ideas where to store your beautifying products and somehow the new ones were still appearing? Do not worry. There is a way enabling you to organize your cosmetics and set up a perfect place for all of these.

1Let us be honest, tidy-out is strictly connected with very tough selection process. Place all your cosmetics on the floor. Certainly, spread some old towels or newspapers beforehand in order to avoid staining the carpet. Start with checking the expiration dates of your beloved products. Do not have any remorse and throw away all the past the expiration date cosmetics immediately. Get rid also of all the makeup items you do not longer use – what is the point in keeping these anyway?

Next, categorize the products. Separate these, that are destined for care, from those, which are popularly called colour cosmetics. Then, conduct a selection among these two groups as well. Segregate separately the products connected with body wash, moisturization, face, eye makeup etc. Put aside all accessories. Fell free to conduct the division any other way you like. However, do it in such a manner, to do not waste time looking for a red lipstick or an under eye cream the next time you would like to use it.

Visit your nearest chemist’s and search for plastic organizers. Such makeup boxes contain several drawers and plenty of multi-shaped compartments where you can store your makeup  loots. If you are not into spending your money on such a box, create your own one. Remember to adjust the compartments appropriately, just to make your cosmetics fit the spaces provided form them.

3The most frequently used cosmetics should be put into a makeup bag or just placed in a bathroom or on the dressing table – simply in a place where you are used to doing makeup. Due to such a solution, you will not waste time looking for a powder or a mascara among all the cosmetics stored in a big box organizer. As a consequence, you will save up some time and it will be easier to be on time anywhere scheduled.

What are the tidy-up ideas for makeup brushes? It is suggested to store these in a special case or a box prepared on your own. It can be, for example, a jar decorated at your will. It is advisable to fill the jar with tiny stones in order to stabilize the brushes. Certainly, you can also categorize the brushes accordingly to their destination: body brushes, face brushes and eye shadow brushes.

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