Algae and seaweed – What are these and how do they help?

Algae – What are these?

Gold of cosmetic, seaweed… This is how we nicknamed algae. These plants are rich in vitamins, minerals and all the elements present in seas, oceans and rivers. Basically, algae contain, among others, A, E, C, B, PP vitamins as well as hyaluronic acid and amino-acids. What is more, these are widely-used for numerous treatments that are performed in beauty parlours. When browsing the products at a chemist’s, we can find face masks containing algae. Thanks to seaweed, our face skin will be smooth, firm, prettier and healthier. Moreover, algae have also purifying, anti-bacterial and skin contracting features.

asdasD.I.Y. algae body mask

The great news is, body mask or compress from algae can be prepared at home. Devote one evening per week for your ‘home SPA day‘. This sort of the treatment will make your skin more moisturised, elastic, smooth and nourished. Other cosmetics, such as a body balm, a cream or cosmetic butter, will be able to get absorbed faster reaching deep into skin layers if algae treatment performed beforehand. Algae compresses will also help with fighting against cellulite, skin imperfections, stretching marks and wrinkles.

In order to prepare algae mixture, suffice to collect powdered algae. This green powder can be bought in any herbal shop. When you finally have seaweed, mix it with a lukewarm water sticking to 1:3 proportion. The quantity of algae and water has to go hand in hand with the body area you want this home-made cosmetic to cover and heal. Do not hesitate and put on a thick layer of your algae mixture. A piece of advice, if you want to escalate the power of your green product, you can wrap the parts of your body with a foil, put on warm tracksuit trousers and cover yourself with a blanket. Generated warmth combined with the algae mixture will speed up blood circulation in skin cells, even skin tone, purify, smooth and make you look prettier and younger. Worth mentioning, algae body mask dries out after around fifteen minutes. This period depends on how thick the mask’s layer is and the body skin area where the home-made cosmetic is applied. Remember though, when you rinse the mask and when the treatment is over, it is recommended to apply a moisturising balm or a cream.

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