What is the order of cosmetic application?

First of all, cover all discolourations, acne marks and broken capillaries. Best to use the two following, basic shades of concealers: reach for a green concealer in order to camouflage spider veins and a concealer similar to either complexion tone or a make-up foundation shade to hide the rest of skin imperfections. If you are going to use a liquid concealer, then, apply it underneath the make-up foundation and smudge it with fingertips.

After that, give attention to all dark circles and swellings around eyes and try to camouflage these precisely. In order to do so, you should apply a concealer of a tone or two lighter than your skin tone. What is more, this kind of a cosmetic has also highlighting and nourishing substances. Mind you, a concealer should be distributed by putting on a kind of stripe-shaped marks right under lower eyelids and on the upper part of cheeks.

Now, time for evening skin tone. Basically, the secret of pretty looking face is appropriately matching make-up foundation. It can be a one tone brighter than the skin tone. Generally, it should be applied in a form of sheer layers. Dot the complexion with the cosmetic and then pat the product into the face. Smudging is allowed but only on certain places like, for example, sides of a nose, under a jowl and also, if you want to, on a neck and a cleavage. Important to realize, the shade of the concealer should be checked either on your chin or jowl, never on your hands.

At this time, you can apply eye-shadows. Naturally, choose the shades wisely, match these with your beauty type, colour of iris, event and clothes. The truth is, cunningly applied eye-shadows can emphasize depth of the eyes and gift the complete make-up or even appearance with character. Nowadays, the most popular eye make-up style is definitely smoky eyes. How to perform it? First of all, you will need four or three shades of eye-shadows. The brightest shade has to cover upper and lower eyelids evenly. Then, reach for a little bit darker shade and mark with it inner corners of the eyes. Now, again apply darker eye-shadow on the middle part of eyelids and the darkest shade should be put on outer corners of the eyes. When all the shades are applied, you can blend these using a special blending brush.

2Smoky eyes are complemented by a black line of upper and lower eyelids. You can apply it using either an eyeliner or an eye pencil. The truth is, drawing line with an eyeliner is a little bit more demanding than using an eye pencil because the first cosmetic has liquid consistency. Besides, when our eye pencil line is poorly-drawn, you can always smudge the cosmetic over eyelids and smoky eye effect will still look good. One thing to add, while using an eyeliner or an eye pencil, it is advisable to support your elbow on the desktop, and the palm on cheek. In this way, your hand will not shake and the line will be straight.

The next stage is coating your eyelashes with a mascara. The proper method of doing so, is covering eyelashes from the base to the very tips. It is suggested, to let one mascara layer dry in order to apply another coat. While buying a mascara, one should focus on the product’s properties and the shape of a brush.

Finally, lips time! Basically, there is this fundamental make-up rule: If eye-make up is heavy, then lips make-up has to be delicate, and the other way round. If you would like your lipstick to hold longer on your lips than it usually does, then cover these with a make-up foundation, apply a lipstick and then fix these with a powder. Certainly, if you would like to add some gleam to your lips, cover these with a lip gloss.

At the end, shape the face with a blusher or a bronzer. The cosmetic should be applied with a big and soft brush, starting from temples and ending at cheek bones. Point often overlooked, the blusher’s shade has to be similar to your natural blush colour. When it comes to the bronzer, this cosmetic in turn, should be applied mainly on the tip of a forehead, a nose and a chin. In general, by using the bronzer, you have to create an illusion of sun kissed complexion.

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