Daisy cream for swellings and acne

Daisies. Little, white flowers that grow in our gardens and meadows. Most of us are not aware of the numerous healing properties daisies posses. For that very reason, these flowers work as a perfect component of natural cosmetics. Obviously, although the natural cosmetics are easily accessible at any drug store, you do not have to buy the products since you can prepare these at home. Read the article to learn the recipe for a natural daisy face cream.

лштFirst things first, each cream , no matter if a face cream or a body cream, consists of two phases, water and oil. Here, our water phase is an infusion of daisy flowers. How to prepare it? Simply, cover daisies with hot water and put aside for a while. Remember to put a lid on the bowl where the infusion is going to be made. The other component of the water phase is a linen gel made of flaxseed. It has to be boiled in such a way to make it transform into sticky substance. The oil phase, in turn, is composed of: beeswax, which can be bought in either an apiculture shop or at a bee-keeper’s, a daisy macerate (flowers covered with oils, put aside and exposed to the sun for over a month) and an emulsifier that should form 3% of the complete oily phase. Important to realize, water phase should constitute 75% of the cream, whereas, the oil phase – 25%. It also a great idea to add E vitamin.

The way of preparing the natural daisy cream. Dissolve the daisy macerate, the beeswax and the emulsifier into water bath which temperature oscillates between 60 °C. The very same thing has to be done with the daisy infusion and the linen gel – prepare another water bath for those substances. Next, combine those two phases by adding the oil phase into the water one. Stir it for approximately two minutes. As soon as the cream becomes dense, wait a while and continue stirring. At the point, when cosmetic’s temperature reaches 40 °C, add E vitamin.

What are the properties of daisies? Despite supporting body organism, daisies positively influences skin condition. Such flowers contain C vitamin, iron, magnesium and substances counteracting free-radicals. And what is most crucial, daisies are able to relieve irritations, fix skin imperfections (for example, acne and small wounds,) highlight discolourations as well as eliminate dark circles and bags under eyes.

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