Dry Body Brushing. Effects Will Leave You Stunned!

Are you seeking the best treatment to plump up the face and body? How to make them look better, improve the blood flow as well as treat them to a detox? Body brushing is made for that. Learn how to rejuvenate the skin with a quick and easy massage. Try a technique which leaves your skin supple and smooth.

Dry body brushing: where does it come from?

Dry body brushing is one of the easiest natural massage techniques. You don’t need any massage course, that’s for sure. You brush the body using a wooden brush. Other tools or products are needless!

What do you do exactly?

Dry body brushing, as the name suggests, involves massaging the body with a brush. It aims at improving the blood flow and intensifying the cell repair. This treatment is done on the dry body free from a lotion or oil. Ideally, you should give your body a massage every morning. Move from the bottom to the upper body parts. 5 or 10 minutes a day are all it takes to fully revive the skin.

Benefits of dry body brushing

What’s the point of brushing your dry body?

Without doubts this is the best natural treatment offering plenty of health benefits. It doesn’t only improve the skin’s appearance and condition but also brilliantly detoxifies the cells and makes them repair faster and better. Dry body brushing enhances the blood flow and keeps cellulite at bay. At the same time, it boosts our energy and mood, sparks faster metabolism and lets us unwind thanks to improving microcirculation.

Dry body brushing. Is it worthwhile? See it for yourself!

The biggest benefits of dry body brushing:

  • removal of dead skin cells
  • smoother body
  • plumper skin
  • better absorption of nutrients
  • less noticeable cellulite
  • strengthened, resilient skin
  • clear skin pores
  • body detox
  • stimulated lymph flow
  • relaxation

How to: dry body brushing

You brush the body starting from the feet and moving up. Always stroke the skin moving towards the heart. Make sure you control the pressure: as a beginner, do it gently. Then, you can intensify the pressure. Brush the body section by section e.g. from the feet to the knees, next thighs, belly, chest, etc. Try to avoid the moles and lesions. The massage should last for 5 to 10 minutes.

What brush to choose for dry body brushing?

Ideally, find a brush made from wood and natural bristles. It should have a strap so you can conveniently brush the body. There are also brushes with a handle you can attach so massaging the back is way easier.

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