High time to say good bye to wrinkles. Serum Clinic Way from Dr Irena Eris.High time to say good bye to wrinkles. Serum Clinic Way from Dr Irena Eris

What does the passing time do to our face skin? For sure, it covers our complexion with the, so celled, meshwork of wrinkles. Definitely, sooner or later, the face skin of each of us is going to get aged. For that reason, what is advisable to do in order to soften or even reduce the visibility of wrinkles? And what should be done if we would like to smooth our complexion at the same time? Fortunately, here comes our hero – the new serum from Clinic Way collection, the most recent discovery of Dr Irena Eris.

The prime goal of Clinic Way cosmetic collection is to soft wrinkles and bright up all discolorations of complexion. This task is not going to be difficult since Clinic Way line includes numerous products, such as day and night creams, revitalizing creams, smoothing creams, rejuvenating and lifting creams, anti-wrinkle face masks and under eyes creams. Moreover, among this wide range of cosmetics, we can also find Hyaluronic Smoothing Anti-Wrinkle Dermoserum 1°+2°as well as Peptide Lifting Anti-Wrinkle Dermoserum 3°+4°.

drirenThe first dermoserum, Hyaluronic Smoothing Anti-Wrinkle 1°+2°, is recommended for women having more than 30 years old. Why this age in particular? Simply because after turning 30, our face skin becomes covered with the first wrinkles and fine lines. Obviously, the most endangered areas of changes are eyes and mouth parts. What is more, being in this age, we have mainly so called mimic wrinkles. Coming back to the serum from Dr Irena Eris, this product suppresses the skin aging processes, reduces wrinkles and smooths complexion. Furthermore, the product speeds up face skin to prompt regeneration and to produce new dermis cells. It also improves elasticity and firming of complexion. Another crucial issue, the cosmetic can by applied under any care cream of your choice. Talking about the application, the cosmetic should be put on in morning and/or in the evening or used as a periodical treatment. It is also suggested to shake vigorously a bottle of the cosmetic before every usage. When it comes to the composition, Hyaluronic Smoothing Anti-Wrinkle contains, for example highly concentrated C Vitamin.

Peptide Lifting Anti-Wrinkle Dermoserum 3°+4°is destined for women over 50. Obviously, it restores suppleness of face skin, moisturizes, brightens up and is of anti-wrinkle properties. This product also reduces expression and elastotic wrinkles. What is more, this dermoserum can be applied everyday or temporarily, in the morning and/or at bedtime. The proper application of this Dr Irena Eris product equals the even spread over face the small amount of the cosmetic.

Hyaluronic Smoothing Anti-Wrinkle Dermoserum 1°+2° and Peptide Lifting Anti-Wrinkle Dermoserum 3°+4° are sold in little, white bottles ended with practical dispensers. The capacity of each product equals 30 ml.

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