Ginseng Infusion from Erborian creams and the beneficial effects of Ginseng

In cosmetics, as well as in Korean medicine, Ginseng occupies a special place. It is treated as a medical, nursing and rejuvenating plant. As a result, a cosmetic brand – Erborian, has decided to make use of the ultimate power of Ginseng. This very herb works as a component of two, day and night, creams named Ginseng Infusion. The creams are closed in 50 ml jars each. These can be distinguished by their colours, the while jar contains the day cream, whereas, the black jar is filled with the night cream.

Ginseng Infusion1What are the effects brought by Erborian creams? Firstly, these cosmetics delay the signs of skin aging, reduce wrinkles and discolourations, as well as make skin smoother. Secondly, Ginseng Infusion creams eliminate tiredness of skin, bruising, swellings under eyes and gray shade of skin. Thirdly, Erborian products have whitening properties. Indeed, it is quite typical feature of all Asian cosmetics, since Asian women want to make their skin tone brighter to liken themselves to European females.

Ginseng InfusionWhy is it Ginseng in particular that becomes one of the main ingredients of Erborian cosmetics? In general, Ginseng comprises of a lot of vitamins, chemical elements, micro and macro-elements. Among them, one can find, for example: calcium, zinc, iron, potassium, magnesium and A, C, B1 and B2 vitamins. What is more, this precious plant is proven to have the following numerous properties of: boosting, reducing tiredness, energizing, anti-stress, enhancing immunity, quickening wound healing processes, protecting from solar radiation, antioxidant, anticelulite and improving blood circulation. The Chinese medicine claims that all the mentioned properties belong to the wonderful working of Ginseng.

Ginseng Infusion creams from Erborian brand are to be applied on the cleansed skin, in the morning or in the evening. These products should be pat into face skin while performing face massage. Obviously, the greater focus ought to lay on the parts where face looses its youth and natural tension the fastest, for example, forehead, eye area, mouth area and chick.

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