Bags Under Eyes. Here’s How To Get Rid Of This Problem Once and for All

Puffy eyelids and bags under eyes are worse than a nightmare – they communicate to the world that we’re having a really bad day, some serious problems, or that we had a sleepless or rough night. Generally, this is how most people see a person with puffiness and dark circles under eyes. However, the cause of these imperfections may be completely different than a stressful personal situation. What causes bags under eyes? How to get rid of them once and for all? Keep reading to learn the tricks for having a well-rested face.

What are bags under eyes?

In short, bags under eyes is a common name given to a skin condition that can be described as highly unattractive swelling affecting lower eyelid and the nearest skin area below it. The very swelling is caused by lymph that settles in the tissue beneath the eyes instead of flowing further.

Naturally, there are more than just one reason for bags under eyes to appear on your face, and they can be completely unrelated to stress or a tough night. In fact, these two factors are more common for dark circles, not for puffiness. The latter is the consequence of toxin deposits in lymph vessels and circulation that for some reason is slowed down.

Bags under eyes – causes

The list of things that cause bags under eyes is pretty long and diversified. Just take a look:

  • sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity
  • bad eating habits and an unhealthy diet
  • too much salt
  • too much alcohol and coffee
  • cigarette smoking
  • wrong skincare products (e.g. too heavy or to intensely working)
  • too invasive makeup removal
  • lack of a deep clean (e.g. sleeping with makeup residues)

How to get rid of bags under eyes?

It goes without saying that you need to get a good nighttime rest if the bags under your eyes are caused by the lack of sleep, which is pretty easy to fix luckily. The things get a little bit more complicated when the puffiness is caused by other factors than having a late night.

Firstly, eliminate all skincare products that may have a negative effect on your eye area and make lymph gather in the tissues. Swap them for mild cosmetics, best if they were either gel or nourishing serum. Another good solution would be reaching for a well-absorbing natural oil or coffee bean extract that stimulates circulation and prevents lymphostasis. Other interesting substances are: buckeye extract, ginseng biloba, ribwort plantain as well as green coffee and cucumber. Extracts obtained from these plants boost lymph flow.

Quick way to reduce puffiness

If you must do something with the under-eye bags quickly, try an old-known trick that will help you get rid of this skin imperfection. And the very tick is cucumber slices. Put them into a fridge to let them cool down, which will give you better effects later. The good news is that cucumber not only deals with lymphostasis but also brightens up dark circles, if you happen to have some.

Another proven trick involves tea bags – either green or white. Brew two teabags and then cool them down in a fridge. When chilled put them on the eyes and let them do their magic for a couple of minutes.

The last idea involves using a jade roller, which is an easy-accessible and cost-effective skin accessory. The jade stone remains cool for pretty long and the massage given with this tool reveals smooth skin, with no traces of puffiness.

Bags under eyes – ways to prevent them

Is it possible to prevent bags under eyes? You bet, there are some proven and easy-to-follow tricks! Here are some of them

  1. Make sure you always have a good nighttime rest. Let yourself sleep for at least 7 hours.
  2. It’s worth realizing that sitting back and relaxing for a couple of moments during the day has a positive impact on your physical appearance and health.
  3. Drink plenty of mineral water and herbal infusions. In this simple way you will help your body remove toxins.
  4. Even though this may be pretty challenging, try to use less stimulants and drugs.
  5. Cut down on salty food.
  6. Be very gentle to your skin while removing makeup.
  7. Be sure that the skincare products you use match your skin type and answer its current needs. Also, try to find some cosmetics that are formulated with at least one of the extracts listed above.
  8. Get yourself a jade roller and use it for massaging eye skin.

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