How to Take Care of Curly Hair? Exceptional Oil Benefits

Every happy owner of curls knows that a perfect hairdo means lots of sacrifices and hours of hair treatments. Curly hair is truly demanding. It turns out you can tame curls with natural oils.

One important question arises – How to get round to it?

Uneven texture and the tendency to high porosity are characteristics of curly hair. Because of the strong curl, the cuticle scales raise, weakening the natural protective barrier. That’s why this type of hair is dull, brittle, frizzy (not just in contact with dampness) and prone to damage more often. Curls lose moisture and nutrients very quickly, which leads to the mentioned problems. You can fix them, though.

Curly hair care routine should be delicate. Fragile curls require special treatment because they’re easy to damage. Don’t try to detangle curly hair if it’s really hard to. Don’t pull or towel-dry too harshly. Being gentle is the key. Well-maintained curls don’t need much styling; they look stunning naturally so curling wands are useless. Heat is curl-unfriendly.

Curly Hair Oils

Getting a hair oil is the best you can do for your curls. They love oiling. Women are wrongly afraid that an oil will make their curls greasy, weighed-down and sticking-together. It’s the other way round. An appropriately-chosen hair oil:

– brings the natural shine of curls out,

– makes sure hair is hydrated and nourished,

– defines and fixes the curl,

– provides the full protection.

Grapeseed Oil, Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Macadamia Oil, Neem Tree Oil, Linseed Oil are among the best oils for curly hair. Oils, which are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (fit for damaged and highly-porous hair), are effective products for curly hair care.

How to apply oils to curly hair?

1. Regular hair oil treatment before washing lets you strengthen and deeply nourish the curls. A hot oil treatment gives an intensive repair of curls.

2. You can use a hair oil as a styling primer and a product that reduces the heat damage. Massage a little of the oil into damp hair before the blow-dry routine.

3. You might get tempted to freshen the curls up with the oil. Minimum quantities of a lightweight oil will do. It will hold frizz back, tame and add shine.