Take The Day Off – make up remover lotion from Clinique

Basically, make up removal is one of the most important processes of our beauty treatments performed at bedtime. Unfortunately, most women tend to forget about this crucial procedure and, under those circumstances, the feedback can be miserable. To put it differently, unless we perform precise make up removal, our face is fairly likely to become covered with acne, irritations, allergies and pimples. Fortunately, here comes Take The Day Off from Clinique to save us from all the horrible consequences!

Why it is important to perform make up removal every evening?

First of all, skin that is not cleansed cannot breathe freely. Clogged skin pores are not able to release steam and face skin gets oily. As a consequence, acne and discolouration start forming. Some women claims that they do not remove their make up in order to make home leaving short and sweet in the morning. This is not the way it works! The make up residues staying in the corners of eyes, mascara on eyelashes, make up foundation hidden in dips near nose and mouth can cause a lot of harm. And now, think for a while, what a great harm is caused by women who before going to sleep, fix their hair with a hairspray!

clinHow to properly cleanse face skin?

Certainly, it is highly advised to use the above-mentioned make up lotion Clinique, Take The Day Off. This product is recommended for all skin types, it removes even waterproof make up and does not cause any irritation. Quite favourable feature of the cosmetic is the fact that it removes also the make up from our delicate eyes and lips. Another important advantage, the lotion was tested by dermatologists, thereupon, people wearing contact lenses are free to use Take The Day Off. Having two-phase formula, the product is ideal for removing strong make up from both, eyes and face. How to apply Take The Day Off? Needless to day, first ale foremost, the cosmetic has to be shaken vigorously. Then, a cotton pad needs to be soaked with the lotion and pressed to eyelids and lips. Without rubbing, the make up is going to dissolve. Optionally, you can repeat this action. At the end, rinse your face with fresh water. It is also advisable to cleanse skin with a toner or other caring cosmetic of your daily usage.

When it comes to the capacity, Take The Day Off is available in two versions: 125 and 200 ml. Finally, the producer poured the cosmetic into a light violet bottle with a cap on the top.

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