No for cellulite! Cryoform body treatment from Eisenberg and a homemade fruit, anti-cellulite cocktail

If it happens, you are lack of ideas on how to deal with cellulite, it is worth becoming aquatinted with Eisenberg cosmetic brand and its Cryoform body treatment. And if you think, one cosmetic is not enough, you can always try a homemade fruit, anti-cellulite cocktail.

EisenbergCryoform body treatment from Eisenberg

The cosmetic from Eisenberg is closed in a white tube of 240 ml capacity. Inside, the producer placed a moisturizing and firming body cream. Unfortunately, we are not going to eliminate cellulite with Cryoform only. Why? Because, even doctors do not know how to manage this challenging task. The truth is, nobody has yet come up with the idea, how to get rid of this unattractive imperfection of our body. Let us wonder, what is cellulite in particular? Generally speaking, these are more or less visible fat lumps accumulated in one place underneath skin layer. As it is well-known, excessive fat layers cannot be reduced by cosmetics but only by appropriate diet, work-out or by aesthetic medicine treatments. Cosmetics application or long hours spent in a beauty parlour may only lead to skin condition improvement.

Under those circumstances, how does Cryoform from Eisenberg work? Basically, the working depends on the ingredients included, and when it comes to Cryoform, these are mainly plant extracts, caffeine, eucalyptus and camphor. All substances have cooling, nourishing and stimulating properties. During the regular application, Cryoform moisturizes, smooths, softens skin and definitely, makes it more firm.

Eisenberg11A homemade fruit, anti-cellulite cocktail

Since all cosmetics in the world are not going to make any difference in terms of cellulite elimination, maybe fruits will defeat our skin enemy? As mentioned before, the appropriate diet and the consumption of products rich in vitamins, mineral salts, micro and macro elements may improve metabolism, and at the same time, burn the fat layer and purify the organism. What are you going to need to prepare a fruit cocktail? Take one, big grapefruit, two oranges, a quarter of lime, a piece of ginger and a teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Blend the peeled fruits and ginger. Next, add the cayenne pepper and stir the mixture. Drink and start getting thinner! Enjoy your cocktail!

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