Natural methods of care. How does coconut oil influence the hair?

When all known methods of care fail, oils become an ally in the fight against dry hair. What properties does coconut oil – one of the most popular hair care products, have?

Coconut oil is within easy reach. It can be purchased in regular grocery stores, however, if you are looking for a top-quality oil for your hair care, it is best to look for it in healthy food shops. Buying it in such a place guarantees its quality. What does it mean?

If you want to benefit from the coconut oil as much as possible, you must pay attention to its origins and methods of extraction. Cold-pressed, unrefined oil (unpurified) has the highest amount of nutrients. During the process of refining, the oil is deprived of many vitamins and minerals and the fatty acids lose their valuable properties. Therefore, refined coconut oil is not the best choice, especially when it comes to skin and hair care. The unrefined oil will work much better as it is considered as a vitamin bomb that will take great care of your hair.

What does coconut oil contain?

Almost 50% of coconut oil is lauric acid – the saturated fatty acid that is responsible for the body’s immune system, that works against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Another dozen percentage are two saturated acids: myristic and palmitic, which are responsible for giving the oil a creamy consistency. In addition, the inconspicuous coconut oil abounds in anti-ageing vitamin E, folic acid, zinc, iron and many of the vitamin B complex. All these ingredients are desirable in hair care.

What are the properties of coconut oil?

  • It has nourishing and soothing properties.
  • It provides antibacterial and antifungal action.
  • It prevents water loss (moisturizes indirectly).
  • It increases softness, elasticity and shine.
  • It is a shield protecting against sun radiation.

How to use coconut oil?

In order to feel how coconut oil influences the hair, it must be used on a regular basis and as recommended. If we use it once or twice onto extremely damaged hair (it is not suitable for such hair type !), we will not be able to benefit from its abilities and we will not see any results. Natural coconut oil works best for low porous hair or normal hair. If you want to use it on its own it will work best when applied to the scalp or to the hair ends for protection. However, if you want to apply it to the entire length of hair, you should combine it with another oil, or a conditioner or a homemade hair mask (with honey, yoghurt or aloe vera juice).

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