Lashcode mascara – create eyelashes that will steal the show

Lashcode mascara

Lashcode mascara is exceptional

This is an advanced mascara for women who demand more from a mascara than just ‘good make-up’ and ‘beautiful eyelashes.’

There are a few factors determining Lashcode’s uniqueness:

1. Lashcode is a combination of the precisely selected ingredients, creating highly durable mascara which neither flakes off nor leaves smudges yet it provides flawless make-up that is durable in every weather conditions. 2. Lashcode mascara features a unique, perfectly designed, silicone spiral which is elastic enough and perfectly adjusts to the eyelashes shape and structure. Even, it defines the tiniest and the most delicate hair delivering at the same time the effect of exceptionally long, dense and curled eyelashes. Thanks to Lashcode, you will be able to create alluring look in the nick of time, creating so-called butterfly wings effect and amaze with the gorgeous fan of eyelashes. 3. Lashcode mascara equals highly active, natural bio-ingredients, including: baicalein, soy and wheat shoot extracts, and arginine. These contribute to eyelash self-lengthening and regeneration processes, revitalize eyelash bulbs and counteract excessive loss of the hair. Panthenol makes eyelashes look beautiful by gaining elasticity and shine, vitamin E is responsible for rebuilding eyelash structure along the entire hair shaft. 4. Lashcode mascara is characterized by its perfect pigmentation. This helps obtain ideally black, flawlessly looking eyelashes no matter if the lighting is super intensive or not. The powdery consistency of the mascara co-operate with the ergonomic spiral’s shape and enables Lashcode to be precisely and easily distributed along eyelashes, intensifying the look of the hair since the very application.

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18 Comments “Lashcode mascara – create eyelashes that will steal the show”

  1. marzipanlady

    the best mascara i ever had, just great and it remains fresh even after 3 mths of use it coates lashes perfectly

  2. i_love_fridays

    I’ve had it for four months now and it keeps the same formula, no getting dense or drying out..

  3. Maya

    no reason to hide the fact that: I love it

  4. Caramel69

    unfortunately, it did not work for me,i stick to my mascara but I must admit that the wand is really great.

  5. Agnes

    I don’t rememner when I was astonished at a cosmetic last time as much as I’m now

    • Grampy91

      I wasn’t that impressed by it, similar to most luxurious mascaras

  6. homie

    this wand is the best!!!!! 😀

    • marzipanlady

      srly! you can apply even 5 coats and the lashes remain separated

  7. Dorothy124

    where to buy it? I haven’t seen it in any shop

    • Caramel69

      I order it from the official website

  8. Daylight

    I’ve never had a better mascara in my entire life! It belons to me 4ever 🙂

  9. Izzy.O

    i’d love to test it first before I spend so much money on it

  10. Lucy6

    Mind-blowing pigments, real blackness!! And it’s matte! Stunner!!

  11. aaa

    hey… i cant believe that lashes grow longer due to mascara?

    • Magic Mayaa

      It’s not eyelash growth serum just a mascara with nourishing ingredients and its task is to condition and nourish eyelashes but mist of all coat eyelashes with the product which it does 😉

  12. Tropedo

    Lashcode is just giant! Very simple and easy way: every day do make-up and coat lashes and they become conditioned and grow just by accident… i don’t have to bother about rubbing some additional serum or castor oil… amazing thing!

  13. M.M.

    looking for a mascara that will give long and dense eyelashes effect but only waterproof? Is this one in this version??

    • Domi_no77

      is there any other color option? I use only brown mascara.


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