All that you need to know about Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez

More and more popular become beauty brands launched by celebrities. Recently Selena Gomez joined the trend by creating a brand called Rare Beauty. What differentiates it from other brands? What will you find in the offer and where can you buy it? To those and more questions, you will find answers below.

Rare Beauty – the brand with a mission

Both in videos posted by Selena Gomez and on the official brand’s site, we will find information that Rare Beauty was created so that people stop comparing to each other and started celebrating how unique and beautiful we all are. Selena explained that the Rare part of the name was not coincidental – it is to celebrate the elimination of perfection and unrealistic standard of beauty which is so heavily promoted in social media.

Selena further explains that most of her life she spent in the make-up artists’ chairs (due to her line of work) and since forever she associated make-up with a good time. She spent a few years creating her beauty brand. However, she perfectly knew what she wanted. She believes that make-up should highlight our individual beauty rather than copy someone.

What cosmetics can you find in the Rare Beauty offer?

The founder of the brand emphasized the fact that they wanted to create cosmetics that blend with the skin and are almost indiscernible. Therefore, you will find there a lot of liquid and quite rare products, such as creamy eyeshadows and blushers which look like lip balm.

Liquid highlighters are available in 8 different shades. Those are very efficient and even a small drop can make your skin glow.

Lipsticks and lip glosses are obviously also in the offer – as individual products or in sets. There are 8 lipsticks with a velvety matte finish.

The biggest hit is the foundation in 48 shades! It’s truly something new on the market and surely anyone can find something for themselves in a shade that perfectly matches the skin tone. In spite of being very subtle, they have amazing coverage and perfectly moisturized skin. Apart from foundation, there is a large collection of concealers – also in 48 shades and 3 tones: warm, cool, and neutral. The brand’s official website provides you the opportunity to find a perfect match for your skin.

Another product for eyes is a two-sided eyebrow pencil with mascara for eyelashes. Here, you also can choose from 8 colors. There is also a black matte eyeliner available.

Curiously, in the brand’s offer, you can find brushes for the concealer and the eyeshadows.

As you can see Rare Beauty allows you to perform a whole make-up!

Where can you purchase Rare Beauty cosmetics?

You can place your order on the official website at or on When it comes to stationery shops, you can look for them in Sephora – cosmetics are available in many countries.

Rare Beauty supports mental health awareness

It is a crucial fact that the brand launched a special Rare Impact Fund. The brand set itself a goal to gather 100 mln dollars in 10 years, which will be dedicated to supporting mental health in underserved communities. On the official brand’s website, you can find separate tab with articles, expert contacts as well as free contact for people in emotional and mental distress.

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