We Recommend These 6 Eyebrow Serums! RANKING

The best eyebrow serum – meaning what exactly? One that nourishes and moisturizes the brows, fills in gaps and makes the eyebrows look flawless even without makeup. A well-selected brow serum is the foundation of good brow care. Use our ranking as a guide and see which products are worth paying attention to!

What helps your eyebrows grow?

There is no better way to grow your brows faster than a good eyebrow serum. A serum provides brows with more nourishing ingredients than natural oils. It’s a product that penetrates deep into the hair follicles, stimulating them. It promotes faster hair growth and protects the brows from breakage and hair loss. With regular use, a good brow serum can fill in gaps and defects in your arches and give them a beautiful look for a long time.

How did we choose eyebrow serums for our ranking?

First of all, we considered their effectiveness, the results of the application, the speed of action, and the reviews coming from both regular users and beauty industry experts. We are confident the following ranking will help you choose the best eyebrow serum for yourself.

Eyebrow serums that deliver best results. RANKING

1. Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum

Size:  5 ml

One of the best eyebrow serums on the beauty market. It is the most popular choice for consumers worldwide. The Nanobrow eyebrow serum contains various active ingredients that work from within. These include baicalin, arginine, peptide complex, and panthenol. All these ingredients make the brows thicker, moisturized, and nourished from the roots to the ends. The formula is enriched with ginseng extract with antioxidant properties with the power to delay the aging process. A few weeks of regular use provides twice as thick and more defined eyebrows. This is all you need to bring out the true beauty of your eyes. The Nanobrow brow-growth serum fills in gaps and sparse areas wherever necessary. It makes them significantly darker and more flexible, boosting a fabulous shine – you’ll see they’ll eventually become easier to style every day! Experience how beautiful your eyebrows can look by providing them with essential nourishment.

+ delivers quick results
+ lengthens, thickens, and darkens eyebrows
+ easy to apply
+ does not cause allergic reactions or irritation
+ has a natural formula
– price
– regular application is required

See more: www.nanobrow.us

2. RevitaBrow Advanced

Size: 3 ml

This great eyebrow serum is effective and safe even for owners of sensitive skin and eyes. After a few weeks of use, it makes the eyebrows fuller and free of any sparse areas or gaps. The eyebrow serum nourishes and moisturizes weak brows, damaged by frequent plucking. They will eventually become stronger, more flexible, and easier to style. The natural active ingredients improve the appearance of thin, uneven, or over-plucked eyebrows. This good eyebrow growth serum can provide you with the desired results.

+ strengthens and rebuilds damaged eyebrows
+ nourishes and moisturizes eyebrows
+ contains natural botanical extracts
– long waiting time for effects
– small applicator brush

3. RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum

Size: 3 ml

An eyebrow growth serum that provides thicker and fuller brows after just 60 days of daily application. It conditions nourishing ingredients like Hexatein™2 complex, sweet almond extract, polypeptides, and keratin to transform sparse and thin eyebrows into thick and voluminous ones. Use the product every evening, and this effective eyebrow serum will make your brows significantly thicker and improve their overall appearance and condition. Your brows will look feathery and create a beautiful frame for your eyes.

+ convenient mini brush for easy application
+ deeply nourishing formula
+ prevents breakage and hair loss
– results visible after 2 months of use
– price

4. Xlash Xbrow Eyebrow Conditioner

Size: 3 ml

An eyebrow growth serum with great online reviews. It provides thicker and more defined eyebrows after just 4-6 weeks of use. Just apply the product once a day for 30 days to ensure your eyebrows get the hydration and nourishment they need. Flexible brows with the ultimate volume are much easier to style. This effective eyebrow serum comes with a convenient comb so you can apply it easily and safely.

+ fast results
+ moisturizing and strengthening formula
+ gives brows a thicker look
– can irritate the skin
– darkens eyebrows too much

5. M2 Beauté Eyebrow Renewing Serum

Size: 3 ml

This decent eyebrow serum contains various nourishing ingredients. These include a complex of active ingredients like biotin, arginine, hyaluronic acid, and pro-vitamin B5. These ingredients prevent the aging process and provide fluffier brows. The ergonomic applicator makes it easier to apply the product with great precision. The brow growth serum stimulates hair growth while providing deep nourishment and making eyebrows stronger and shiny.

+ performance
+ rebuilds damaged eyebrows
+ stimulates hair growth
– price
– long waiting time for effects

6. GrandeBROW Brow Enhancing Serum

Size: 1 ml | 1.5 ml | 3 ml

A good serum for eyebrows and lashes that stimulates their growth and makes your look more expressive. It contains various moisturizing and nourishing ingredients that condition the brows from root to tip. This effective eyebrow serum provides your eyebrows with a thicker, healthier, and younger look while protecting them from damage, hair loss, and breakage. This eyebrow growth serum is rich in vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants that regenerate and moisturize brows.

+ three sizes to choose from
+ gives brows a thicker look
+ provides a healthy brow look
– long waiting time for effects
– small brush

How to choose a good eyebrow serum?

Choosing a good eyebrow serum is not such a difficult task at all if you use our ranking as a guide. Choose a recommended serum for eyebrow growth and enjoy the spectacular depth of your gaze! Eyebrow serums can deeply moisturize and nourish your brows which contributes to a significant increase in their volume. The brows become flexible and much easier to style every day. 

Polished and precisely sculpted eyebrows are the key to a beautiful look. Bold, filled-in, eye-catching arches, which at the same time look very natural, will never go out of fashion.

Remember: there are many different types of serums but this ranking contains only the most recommended brow serums that are eagerly purchased by consumers around the world. By choosing one of them, you can be sure that it will darken and strengthen your eyebrows, and give them a significantly fuller look.