DIY Cluster Lash Extensions – New Offering from Nanolash

cluster eyelash extensions

Eyelashes frame the eyes so they should be noticeable and stunning. Sadly, most women complain about their lashes as they haven’t been presented with beautiful fans by Mother Nature. DIY Lash Extensions from the brand Nanolash may prove a solution. Is the product worth your attention?

DIY eyelash extensions – who is this option good for?

Only a few years ago, DIY lash extension was impossible. Women had to get it done by an esthetician or struggled to put on strip lashes themselves.

Experimenting with various mascaras or lash serums has become a trend, however, they rarely produce desired results. The moment of first DIY eyelash extensions being released can be called a breakthrough.

The DIY Lash Extensions are innovative cluster lashes that every woman can use. The perfect pick for those who dream of voluminous lashes but don’t want to weigh their natural lashes down. The DIY cluster lash extensions are also great when you want a completely new look.

If so far you’ve just been wondering how classic or volume lashes would look on you, you can check it now and it will take you only 10 minutes. This is how long the application of the DIY Lash Extensions takes. If the lash style doesn’t suit you, then you simply take the clusters off within a few seconds.

The DIY lash clusters will also be great for women who want immediate effects. They’re amazing lash wisps for weddings, parties or an unplanned photo session. The Nanolash clusters stay untouched for up to 5 days but you can take them off sooner if you like.

cluster eyelash extensions

DIY Lash Extensions – available types of cluster lashes

False lashes for home use are supposed to answer the needs of all women. You can buy these in a single box including 36 clusters. Each box has 3 lash sizes:

  • 10 mm
  • 12 mm
  • 14 mm

The DIY Eyelash Extensions come in 8 styles so that you can mix and match them creating the dream lash looks.

Nanolash also has an eyelash extension kit in stock. It contains:

  • bonder – special glue for applying cluster lashes; it needs from 30 to 60 seconds to achieve the necessary stickiness.
  • sealer – 5 ml product for removing the stickiness after application of lash extensions.
  • remover – made for taking the DIY Eyelash Extensions off.
  • lash tweezers.

The accessories are to make DIY false lashes application easier. Thanks to their sizes, they will last you long.

How to apply cluster lashes?

Doing volume lashes with Nanolash is super easy. After applying the bonder, you simply wait until it gets sticky. Next, you grab a lash cluster and place it underneath natural lashes, give or take 1 mm away from the water line. To finish the process, you need to apply the sealer.

Applying cluster lashes from Nanolash should go smoothly. The DIY Eyelash Extensions are fit for every woman. Your experience in lash extension doesn’t matter!

cluster eyelash extensions

Cluster lashes DIY Eyelash Extensions from Nanolash – summing up

DIY lash clusters have revolutionized eyelash styling. Cluster lashes application at home has never been so easy, or possible. The luxury wisps from Nanolash are soft and durable. You can wear them for even 5 days.

You can use them to create volume lashes or a more subtle everyday style. The application will take just 10 minutes. Every woman can use the cluster lashes to bring out the beauty hidden in their eyes.