Best Argan Oils: Read Reviews of TOP 7 Oils for Face, Body and Hair!

Argan oil is one of the most popular and best-selling beauty oils in the world. Why? Its beautifying effect is second to none. With argan oil, you can care for yourself from head to toe, and get the salon-like effects. Are you searching for the best argan oil? We share the highest-rated products. Choose the best one to enjoy the full range of argan oil benefits.

Argan oil – a perfect beauty product

Do you know what makes argan oil a must-have in your daily beauty routine? It is a multi-purpose cosmetic which enhances beauty unmistakably. Celebrities, music and movie stars as well as fashion icons – they all use and love argan oil. Hairstylists and cosmetologists swear by it too. You will spot the first effects after the first use!

Argan oil has endless uses and is a good:

  • body-care product
  • massage oil
  • face serum
  • hair mask
  • serum for hair ends
  • nail, lash and brow serum
  • component of homemade beauty products
  • make-up base
  • eye cream
  • addition to face creams, hair conditioners, body lotions

What is argan oil composed of? Substances found in liquid gold of Morocco

Argan oil is mostly made from EFAs, or essential fatty acids in balanced proportions. They have a very good effect on the skin, ensuring proper functioning, keeping the epidermis hydrated and preventing loss of water. In turns, the skin remains perfectly moisturized and plump.

Also, argan oil boasts a high concentration of vitamin E, lots of substances which inhibit oxidation (flavonoids), and ingredients delaying skin aging (plant sterols). Pure argan oil contains substances which control production of oil, even out the skin, protect against the sunlight, and improve the condition of hair and skin. Good argan oil houses around 100 ingredients that bring great beauty benefits!

How to choose the best argan oil?

Choosing one best argan oil may be challenging, particularly for beauty-oil beginners. Use our tips: search for unrefined, cold-pressed, certified organic argan oil. Only this type keeps all of the ingredients that make you want to buy it. A bottle matters as well: dark glass protects against going rancid, keeps the oil fresh and makes sure the oil remains effective.

The reviews posted by the users are crucial too. The more the positive reviews, the more likely you are to get a brilliant oil. While writing the roundup we took all of the factors into consideration. One of the argan oils below has been proved a winner. See which one!

TOP 7 Argan Oils for Hair, Body, and Face


healthy hair with Nanoil

Nanoil proves the best and most effective argan oil. We know it because of the tons of rave reviews it gets. Nanoil Argan Oil brilliantly enhances the hair, skin, nails as well as lashes and brows! It is packed into a dark glass bottle and has a certificate from Ecocert which certifies only high-quality natural cosmetics.

Nanoil Argan Oil has an antiaging effect because it inhibits oxidation. It perfectly hydrates your skin and protects it against damage, helps minimize cellulite and stretch marks, strengthens the epidermis, plus it repairs damaged, thin, frizzy hair. Nanoil gives us the essence of what’s best in Argania nuts.

Order your oil or other hair products rich in argan oil, join the fans of natural solutions:


John Masters Organics launched a pricey and prestigious argan oil in a dark glass bottle. The price of this cold-pressed oil is really high. Still, the price seems to be the only downside because the oil is organic and unrefined. The dark glass shields the product. It works well for the body, face and hair. It repairs, moisturizes and smoothes out the skin, helps banish acne breakouts, makes stretch marks less noticeable and greatly helps get rid of cellulite.


Another fancy-looking and – sadly – expensive argan oil works well as a hydrating hair conditioner. It comes in a spray-on bottle (untypical of oils); you can easily spray it on the hair or body. This mild mist doesn’t weigh hair down or leave a greasy feel on the skin because argan oil is naturally lightweight and non-comedogenic. Gold Argan Oil makes styling and brushing easier, controls frizz and prevents excessive oil production. Use it on wet hair or dry hair ends.


This elegant-looking product gets positive reviews and has all you look for: organic argan oil from Morocco. It comes in a black bottle keeping the oil from going rancid, and with two applicators (spray, pump) so you can suit it to your needs. Spray the oil on skin and hair or use a pump. Satin Naturel argan oil is fit for any hair or skin. It prevents hair damage as well as transepidermal loss of water. You can also rub it into damaged nails.


Pure “liquid gold of Morocco” from Poppy Austin is packed in a dark bottle. This argan oil is an expensive, luxury product and many reviewers don’t like the idea of turning a natural argan oil into a super-pricey beauty product. Let’s focus on its assets, though. The price is high but this pure argan oil surely makes a great conditioning product which hydrates the skin and hair, making them smooth and elastic. The oil abounds in natural antioxidants, plant sterols, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids.


Moroccanoil Argan Oil is another pricey oil but it enjoys great popularity as the brand is famous for infusing their hair products with “liquid gold”. This lightweight gold-colored oil comes in a small glass and – too bad – colorless bottle. Some reviewers point out that it cannot be unrefined because it’s completely aroma-free while unrefined argan oils do have a delicate smell. Despite that, we decided to put it in our roundup because of the brand’s popularity. Moroccanoil Argan Oil can be used on the hair, face, body, nails, and  delicate skin under the eyes because it is free from silicones, alcohols or PEGs. Because it’s lightweight, you don’t need to worry about greasy feel on the skin or weighed-down hair. It leaves both strands and complexion perfectly-moisturized and soft. Among high opinions, we could find users complaining about the price. This luxury oil won’t appeal to everyone.


Nutridome Argan Oil doesn’t come in a dark bottle so it isn’t protected and may easily lose its properties. It’s recommended to keep it in a dark place away from the sunlight. This oil moisturizes and improves dry, frizzy, stiff, unruly hair. It’s a good pick in the winter because it’s an emollient which prevents loss of water through the epidermis. Nutridome Argan Oil makes the hair better by hydrating, smoothing and adding gloss. The oil is rich in vitamin E (aka vitamin of youth), omega-6 and omega-9 acids, carotenes, and UV filter.