Ranking Of The Top 8 False Cluster Lashes For At-Home Application!

The dream of thick and long eyelashes without leaving the house is just about to come true. Pre-made cluster lashes for DIY application have appeared on the beauty market and literally any woman can use them. However, choosing the right product is extremely tricky. So it’s worth checking out the TOP 8 cluster eyelashes for at-home application to choose the ones that work best for you!

TOP 8 cluster eyelashes for at-home application – what products are included in the ranking?

The beauty market is constantly changing. This conditions the fact that women try to keep up with all the new trends. However, when it comes to eyelash styling, nothing has happened for a long time. The moment pre-made lash extensions appeared on the market, they were quickly referred to as a true innovation.

Women got a unique opportunity to change their look in just a few minutes. Of course, good products are often mixed with those that do not always ensure high quality.

That is why this TOP 8 ranking of cluster eyelashes for self-application was created. These false lashes should not disappoint the expectations of even the most demanding women. The ranking rounded up products from brands that are well-known in the beauty world like Nanolash and Tatti.

So they can make the best decision for themselves after checking out and analyzing our top chart.

TOP 8 ranking – which cluster eyelashes for DIY application are worth attention?

Cluster lashes for at-home application are an absolute novelty on the beauty market. Thanks to them, every woman will be able to bring out the potential of her gaze in a few minutes. Of course, beauty brands have released various versions of their products. Nevertheless, only a few of them were included in this honorable TOP 8 list.

The following ranking rounds up the best eyelash clusters for self-application that are currently available on the market. It allows women to take a slightly closer look at individual products, as well as learn about their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Nanolash cluster lashes – DIY Eyelash Extensions 

false eyelashes

Nanolash is an established brand in the beauty world. There is no doubt that DIY Lash Extensions are a premium product. These lightweight, soft eyelash clusters are designed for at-home application. Ladies can choose a case with 36 cluster lashes inside. It provides:

  • 8 styles to choose from;
  • 3 lengths of lashes: 10, 12, and 14 mm in each box – this enables all lash looks.

Also, you can get a complete kit for eyelash extensions at home. It contains additionally:

  • Nanolash bonder;
  • Nanolash sealer;
  • Nanolash remover;
  • special tweezers.

DIY Lash Extensions undoubtedly deserves the first place in the TOP 8 ranking. The application takes only 10 minutes, plus it lasts on the eye for 5 days. However, numerous reviews indicate that with proper aftercare you can wear them even longer!

Women can use them to create Russian Volume lashes, but also a gentle natural lash look. DIY Lash Extensions do not overburden the natural lashes – they are applied underneath natural lashes, about 1 mm away from the lash line.

The manufacturer indicates that these cluster lashes are disposable. However, users have a slightly different opinion on this issue. It turns out that after removing the clusters, DIY Eyelash Extensions do not deform or change their shape. So you can successfully reuse them!

We can say that the Nanolash brand once more did not disappoint women’s expectations. These are the perfect cluster lashes that work for any occasion. Users are impressed with their softness, flexibility, and durability. DIY Lash Extensions perfectly imitate natural lashes, and the thin strip perfectly camouflages the joints, and on top of that visually thickens the lashes at the roots, filling in any gaps. No wonder this product deserves the top spot in the ranking.

2. Invisi-Lash Kit Tatti

Tatti is another brand mostly known in the beauty world for its top-quality products. The Invisi-Lash Kit contains lash clusters for DIY application at home that have quickly become very popular among women.

The Invisi-Lash Kit ensures exactly the same application as in a beauty salon. The lashes come in several sizes and styles to choose from. This gives you unlimited possibilities for styling your lashes. The Invisi-Lash Kit lashes allow you to create voluminous lashes in the Russian Volume style, but you can also delicately highlight your natural lashes too.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not specify exactly how long the application can last. In the case of DIY Eyelash Extensions, it was clearly stated that the cluster lashes can be worn for 5 days. In this case, it is only stated that the lifespan of the application depends on the aftercare. A serious drawback of the product is that the clusters come on a transparent strip, which does not have very good camouflaging properties. This makes it impossible to create a fully natural effect because in this case, the connection points where the clusters meet natural eyelashes remain noticeable.

3. Ardell X-tended Wear Lash System KIT

Ardell X-tended Wear Lash System KIT is another product that deserves attention. However, compared to DIY Lash Extensions from Nanolash, many aspects can be improved and enhanced!

The lashes from Ardell X-tended Wear Lash System KIT are designed for DIY application at home. The kit contains a set of cluster lashes as well as a special bonder that ensures the durability of the application. Unfortunately, compared to Nanolash cluster lashes, the durability of this product is not stunning. The kit also contains a perfectly shaped applicator and a remover for efficient removal of the clusters.

Ardell X-tended Wear Lash System KIT provides lashes for at-home application which are soft and lightweight with a distinct curl. They can be applied in only 10-15 minutes, even without much experience in this field. However, their finish leaves a lot to be desired – the clusters do not differ from each other – even the ones varying in length. The effect may end up looking fake which makes them not recommended for everyday wear.

Also, the application takes a bit longer, which is why the Ardell X-tended Wear Lash System KIT did not deserve 1st place in the ranking.

4. Glamnetic Lash Extension Kit

Glamnetic Lash Extension Kit contains lightweight cluster lashes for at-home eyelash extensions. It is worth noting, however, that they are not ideal for professional use as, for example, DIY Lash Extensions from Nanolash.

The application of these pre-made lash clusters takes no more than 10 minutes and should last up to 5 days. However, everything depends on proper aftercare.

Glamnetic Lash Extensions Kit offers different lash sizes and styles to choose from. This makes it possible to create any lash style. Ladies can style their lashes in such a way as to achieve the desired results.

Nevertheless, users who have already decided to test this kit have a slightly different opinion regarding the simplicity of the application and its durability. Also, opinions on the aesthetics of the finish of the clusters are not very favorable. The lashes look nice on the website, but in reality, they produce a rather false effect, as all the lashes are identical.

5. KISS Falscara Starter Kit

The KISS Falscara Starter Kit is another set for women who want to get started with at-home eyelash extensions. It is worth noting that the design of these cluster lashes is quite unique. They are feather-soft bristles that come on a black strip. It brilliantly camouflages the connecting line and hides minor flaws created during DIY application.

The Kiss Falscara Starter Kit also features a simple application that should not take more than 10 minutes. In addition to the pre-made clusters, the kit also includes a bonder, a sealer, and eyelash tweezers. The clusters are supposed to last up to several days, which depends on individual predisposition. Again, it’s worth noting that DIY Lash Extensions were guaranteed to last up to 5 days regardless of circumstances.

However, the product is not free of flaws which must be pointed out. First of all, the kit offered by the manufacturer is not complete – it does not contain all the elements necessary to perform semi-permanent lash extensions. It does not include a remover for removing the lash clusters, nor an overnighter specially created to ensure you can wear these lashes at night too. Without it, your lash look won’t last even for a few days. Using the overnighter causes these cluster lashes not to be suitable for later reuse. Both of these products must, of course, be purchased separately. Such a decision on the part of the manufacturer ultimately makes it neither a convenient nor particularly cost-effective solution.

6. Velour-Xtensions Kit

Velour-Xtensions Kit is another do-it-yourself lash styling product that should interest many women. These cluster lashes for at-home application take 15 minutes to apply. It doesn’t matter if you have any prior experience in this area.

As standard, you will also be able to find additional accessories in the kit, which are supposed to make it much easier to apply lash extensions on your own.

The eyelash clusters are available in several sizes. This in turn allows you to style them in Russian Volume way and others. The product is certainly good, albeit not the best due to a slightly smaller choice of lash styles and curl types than, for example, DIY Lash Extensions.

7. Lashify Starter Kit

Lashify Starter Kit contains cluster lashes that will work great in an emergency. They are designed to make application quick, efficient, and easy.

The eyelash clusters are extremely soft and fine. As a result, they perfectly complement the natural lashes, as well as fill in any gaps in the lash line. The black strip, in turn, allows you to cleverly cover up the connection area. Thus, the whole application looks natural and aesthetically pleasing.

Unfortunately, the drawback of this product is its colossally high price and a package containing only 10 clusters, which ensures just one application.

There is also no clearly defined durability. Admittedly, the manufacturer notes that the lashes can be worn for up to several days. In practice, it may be 3 days for some women and 5 days for others. The manufacturer also indicates that the lifespan of the application can be extended with proper aftercare. However, compared to, for example, DIY Eyelash Extensions, the kit from Lashify does not impress in this regard.

8. Amor Lashes QuickLash Starter Kit

The last place in the ranking belongs to false cluster eyelashes from the British brand Amor Lashes. On the face of it, these are fairly traditional lashes for DIY application. They come in 3 lengths: 10, 12, and 14 mm. It is possible to purchase the entire set which consists of cluster lashes in each of the available sizes.

Application of the Amor Lashes QuickLash Starter Kit takes about 15 minutes and the lashes can be worn for several days. Of course, the manufacturer notes that the lifespan of the application is affected by its correct performance, as well as proper aftercare. So it is not guaranteed as in the case of cluster eyelashes from Nanolash. It is also not certain that the clusters can be reused after they are taken off.

Ranking TOP 8 best cluster eyelashes for DIY application – summary

Choosing the right eyelash extension kit for home use is not the easiest task. Women must consider many factors, which include, for example, simplicity of application and durability.

However, there is no denying that the No. 1 in the ranking, DIY Lash Extensions from Nanolash is an undisputed leader. They ensure a great variety of choices, top-quality, and endless possibilities in terms of styling eyelashes.

However, it is totally up to you which cluster lashes you will choose for yourself. It is necessary to consider the size of the lashes, the type of curl, and the styling possibilities they offer.

This will make DIY eyelash extensions a real pleasure and will ensure spectacular results.